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Stainless Steel Stovetop 3L Whistle Kettle Full Handle - Speckled Black

Stainless Steel Stovetop 3L Whistle Kettle Full Handle - Speckled Black

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Indulge in retro charm with this traditionally styled kettle. This elegantly styled kettle does exactly what a kettle should do - and more! No more leaving the kitchen and coming back to find that the water is no longer at the optimum temperature. This kettle will emit a whistle to call you back when the water has boiled. The stainless steel has a speckled black finish, adding a nice touch to the aesthetic of your kitchen space.


Ergonomic: Be alerted when your water has boiled with a charming whistling noise. Simply pop open the lid at the end of the spout or remove from heat to stop the noise. The heat-resistant handle and thumb-press lid make pouring easy - simply tip, open, and pour in a single motion. The kettle is equipped with a detachable lid for convenient refilling and washing.
Compatible: Whether you are at home or camping outdoors - this kettle has your back! Suitable for any heat source - including electrical induction, gas, and halogen or radiant powered stovetops.
Care: Simply hand wash with soap.
Durable: The stainless steel surface can withstand scratches, dents, and corrosion.

- Capacity: 3L
- Colour: Speckled black
- Power: Electric, radiant, halogen, induction, and gas stovetops
- Warranty: 12 months
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