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3 Piece Yoga Strap, Block & Pilates Ring, Fitness Trainer - Black & Blue

3 Piece Yoga Strap, Block & Pilates Ring, Fitness Trainer - Black & Blue

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Sometimes it’s nice to get a helping hand during your yoga class. This 3 Piece Yoga Set helps you lengthen your stretches.

The Pilates ring is a ring that offers resistance while doing exercises. This allows you to train deep muscles without the need for special devices. You develop muscle strength and endurance and at the same time, you train your balance by applying the same pressure on both sides of the ring, allowing you to perform an exercise correctly.

Benefits Of a Pilates Ring:
• For intensifying your Pilates practice.
• Ideal for training legs, upper arms, core, chest, and back muscles.
• With plastic handles for a firm and slip-free grip.
• Steel core ring with foam molded padded grips.

The block is ideal for extra support or to go deeper into the stretch. A strap is included to get a better grip of your limbs (without overstretching) when holding postures.

The benefits of the Yoga Block set with Strap:
• Extend your stretches without overstretching.
• Everything you need for support during your yoga class.
• Compiled from the latest insights into the field of yoga.

• Size:
- Pilates Ring: 35cm in Diameter
- Yoga Block: 7.6x15.3x23cm
- Yoga Strap: 183 x 3.8cm
• Material:
- Pilates Ring Material: Plastic, metal, and foam
- Material block: EVA foam
- Strap fabric: cotton
• Colour: Black & Blue
• Weight: 416 grams
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